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About us

We are expert in LEED™ Certification, GSAS™ Certification, Energy Modeling and Commissioning dedicated to helping our clients certify their high performance buildings under LEED™ /GSAS™ Rating Systems. We offer a variety of services that appeal to both businesses and individuals.

Karishma Smart Green Building Technologies(P) Ltd is guided by recognized leaders in the construction, engineering and environmental service industries.KSGBT is an award-winning firm of Green Building Consultants, Energy modeling specialists, commissioning engineers, Energy engineers, and project and design managers with a truly inimitable portfolio.


Been a pioneer of green building movement in India,United Arab Emirates and Qatar, we are one of the most experienced green building consultants.We specialize in  Green Building Consulting, Building Commissioning, Energy Modeling,GHG Accounting, Third Party audits and Bulding Information Modeling. We have completed more than 155 certified & pre-certified green building projects & are Currently responsible for 550+ million sq ft for Green Building Consulting since January 2008 in UAE, India and Qatar.

Dedicated to effective communication of  its findings, KSGBT will engage decision makers in the government, business, NGO’s and other sections in the development and implementation of policies that are simultaneously beneficial to the global economy, the global environment and the social well being in the India and  Asia. The Centre will enable guidelines, technical support and Green Certification within the reach of all interested parties that wish to progress on smart green development projects in the region.



For our multinational client’s KSGBT operates with a seamless international clients –focused business model. This means we manage our client’s solutions on global basis, while relying on locally knowledgeable project teams. On a global basis, we are careful to pay attention to conflict of interest concerns, cultural differences, language skills, litigation possibilities, financial transparency issues, sustainability issues, quality, health and safety (H&S) and local regulatory guidance .It is this experience that sets KSGBT apart from its competitors. We strive to seek new ways to enhance the collaboration, coordination and technical expertise to the benefit of our key national client’s.


Our global network combines project experience from all over the world. This experience provides sustainable solutions that will help minimise risk, optimise performance and finally strengthen your reputation. Our International programmes ensure consistent service delivery wherever we operate. All project phases are subject to KSGBT’s strict quality assurance and control programmes.


We invest in the development of innovative solutions to meet our client’s needs, and we have a technological edge that is rare in our industry. Our sustainable integration, enevirnmental management and lifecycle services allow us to offer cost effective solutions .We complement with alternative delivery approaches.


Given Our extensive experience in environmental matters, KSGBT is a consultant to many companies and governments in the field of sustainability .In all our operations and projects, we are conscious of the effect our work has on the surroundings. We are committed to maintaining an active social responsibility policy, advocating community involvement, and committed to maintaining the integrity of the company and our employees, by encouraging accountability in corporate governance.


 Karishma Smart Green Building Technologies(P)Ltd have worked in supporting governments and industry in developing and implementing best practice guidance in conjunction with environmental and sustainability policy development. Operating across market sectors and disciplines we have helped deliver programmes of business improvement, sustainability awareness and research activities for those engaged with the delivery and operation of the built environment. At the heart of our activities are work streams and projects that address industry issues, challenges and opportunities and all with the aim of providing business and delivery improvements. Working collaboratively and all with industry, education and government across traditional sector boundaries, provides opportunities to identify best practice, develop new approaches and to identify and enable innovation.