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KSGBT’s expertise in research management and design and production of industry guidance has resulted in reputation for high quality, authoritative and widely disseminated outputs .Many of these have been adapted as industry standards for best practice .All of them demonstrate commitment to industry  and pursuit of performance improvement.

Irrespective of where you are and what you do, it is essential that you understand the changing landscape. But with information overload an everyday occurrence it can be difficult to pinpoint authoritative information, understand issues and make decisions .Our activities place us in unique position to gain an early insight in to policy and regulation development, changing operating environments and new developments in construction techniques and material technology.

Our respected suite of resources and communications are designed to keep you up to speed with developments affecting both construction and wider built environments .The construction industry is undergoing rapid change in terms of regulations, technology, process, communications and culture. Not only to organisations face the challenge of keeping abreast of these changes, they must ensure that they are understood and embedded in an effective way to gain competitive advantage.


KSGBT’s networks and forum enable industry groups and stakeholders to share knowledge and exchange ideas through events, reports, meetings and web services. Networks and events also provide unique opportunities for networking and relationship building across supply chains and market sectors. Our activities place us in a unique position to provide and impart early insight in to policy and regulations development, changing operating environments and new developments in construction techniques and materials.


KSGBT participate in a rolling of conferences and events that is designed to raise awareness, share knowledge and promote discussion on new and emerging  topics.KSGBT support the management of wide –reaching programme of these events each year, providing learning and networking opportunities for wide cross –section of professionals  across the construction industry.

From half day seminars to high profile international conferences, KSGBT seek to participate and undertake events that are tailed to meet the needs of the wider industry and continuously seek to address the emerging topics and agendas of the day, our team have supported events programmes to include 30 continued education each year.


Many of the research projects and activities managed by KSGBT culminate in the publishing of guidance documents, many of which have been adopted as the standard for excellence in their respective areas. Once again KSGBT have used a common platform accusable by all users, with the capability of viewing the latest pdf, documents, presentation slides and video content on their phones or ipad.Publication are generally supplied free to industry and academia, through project or membership based funding.

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